We are currently looking for compassionate caring individuals who love helping people. We are offering a

Free Hypnotherapy Training weekend

via our unique tried and tested Interactive Virtual Classroom powered by Zoom, so that you can experience the power of clinical hypnosis and also find out for yourself if hypnotherapy is the right career choice for you.

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September

Every single day, Hypnotherapists worldwide are making a massive impact by helping people resolve the wounds of modern day living, and traumatic issues from their past. And with all the physical and psychological challenges facing everyone right now, there’s never been a better time to train.

If you’re curious about doing the same, join us on our
Hypnotherapy foundation weekend. And very soon you could be helping people in need and enjoying a satisfying, lucrative and rewarding new career as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. With 25 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be the UK’s leading Hypnotherapy Training Provider.


Whilst academic qualifications may be an advantage, we regard it as only being a small part of the learning curve to becoming a competent clinical hypnotherapist. This hypnotherapy training course is therefore open to those with a genuine interest in hypnotherapy irrespective of race, religion, and environmental classification, even though they may not have any relevant prior learning or training.

  • Reasonable internet connection
  • Open mind
  • Willingness to cross comfort zones
  • Kind & caring nature
  • Laptop, Desktop or ipad


Our all inclusive training package complies with our policy of transparency and includes the following.

  • Certification
  • All reading material in book form
  • Ongoing post training support
  • Live classroom tuition via Zoom
  • Secret and confidential Facebook support group access

Our practitioner level training course has been assessed and validated at practitioner level by

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Graduates are eligible for professional registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register at full practitioner status.

The GHSC was a key participant within the Working Group for Hypnotherapy Regulation whose primary purpose was to facilitate agreed standards within the profession and to subsequently bring about Voluntary Self-regulation (VSR), an officially recognised status, for the entire industry. To facilitate this, the Group actively co-operated with other industry representatives within the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum (a body established by the now defunct Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health) and as a consequence VSR was finally established via the Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) set up in 2008 with Department of Health funding – when it admitted Hypnotherapy into its regulatory system on 1st December 2010.

Our Diploma in Hypnotherapy has been validated by the GHSC and our Graduates from this course are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s registering agency) at full Practitioner status, together with the acquisition of the industry based award – the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP)

Go ahead and APPLY NOW for a FREE place on our foundation weekend. Absolutely 100% free and unconditional.

For two exciting days, allow our world class tutors to introduce you to the amazing power of the mind. A full weekend Packed with interesting information, lots of laughter and live hypnosis demonstrations. You will even get to hypnotise one of the other students for the very first time!

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September

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